Healthcare and Telemedicine

Zedtreeo is a trailblazer in remote staffing and virtual assistant solutions, specializing in empowering organizations in the healthcare and telemedicine sector, particularly in revenue cycle management (RCM), medical coding and billing, and transcription services. With an in-depth understanding of the intricacies within these critical areas, we provide tailored solutions to streamline processes and optimize operations.

Our seasoned team brings extensive expertise across RCM, medical coding and billing, and transcription services, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and compliance at every step. From ensuring timely reimbursement to maintaining meticulous documentation, we offer comprehensive support to healthcare providers, enabling them to focus on delivering high-quality care to their patients. With Zedtreeo as your strategic partner, you can navigate the complexities of healthcare administration with confidence and achieve exceptional results.
Remote RCM Specialists

Our remote Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) specialists excel in medical billing, coding, and transcription. They ensure accurate claim submissions, timely reimbursements, and meticulous documentation to optimize revenue streams.

Telemedicine Support Teams

Our remote support teams are trained to provide seamless assistance to patients and healthcare professionals in telemedicine environments. They facilitate virtual consultations, handle administrative tasks, and ensure a smooth patient experience.

Healthcare IT Professionals

Our remote IT professionals specialize in healthcare technology and infrastructure. From managing electronic health records (EHR) systems to implementing telehealth platforms, they ensure secure and efficient healthcare delivery through technology.

Compliance and Regulatory Experts

Our remote compliance specialists are well-versed in healthcare regulations and standards, including HIPAA and CMS guidelines. They conduct audits, provide training, and implement policies to ensure compliance and mitigate risks.

How we help

Zedtreeo empowers healthcare organizations to thrive in the digital age with our comprehensive remote staffing solutions

We tailor our remote staffing services to meet your specific needs, whether you require temporary support for a project or ongoing assistance for your day-to-day operations.
Our remote teams seamlessly integrate with your workflows, providing efficient and reliable support that enables you to focus on delivering quality care to your patients.
With our flexible staffing solutions, you can scale your team up or down as needed, optimizing costs and resources to meet changing demands without sacrificing quality.
Our remote staff undergo rigorous screening and training to ensure they possess the skills, knowledge, and professionalism required to deliver exceptional service and support to your organization.
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Client results

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Our remote medical billers are adept at navigating complex billing systems and insurance requirements. They ensure accurate and timely submission of claims, maximizing reimbursements and minimizing revenue leakage for your healthcare organization.

Our remote medical coders possess in-depth knowledge of ICD-10 coding guidelines and healthcare coding standards. They meticulously assign diagnostic and procedural codes to patient records, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and optimizing revenue capture.

Our remote medical transcriptionists are proficient in transcribing medical dictations and documentation with precision and confidentiality. They adhere to HIPAA regulations and industry standards, delivering accurate and timely transcriptions to support your healthcare documentation needs.

Our remote denial management specialists proactively identify and address claim denials and rejections. They collaborate with payers and providers to resolve discrepancies, appeal denied claims, and recover lost revenue.

Our remote accounts receivable specialists manage outstanding patient accounts and balances. They follow up on unpaid claims, verify insurance coverage, and facilitate patient payments, ensuring timely revenue collection and cash flow optimization.

Our remote compliance auditors conduct thorough audits of RCM processes and documentation to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards. They identify compliance gaps and recommend corrective actions to mitigate risks and maintain compliance.

Our remote revenue cycle analysts provide valuable insights and analytics to optimize your revenue cycle performance. They identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that enhance financial outcomes.

Our remote claims specialists are skilled in handling claim processing and resolution. They review claims for accuracy, completeness, and compliance, resolving issues promptly to expedite reimbursement and minimize claim denials.

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