Why is Zedtreeo “the choice” for your offshoring needs?

Are you looking for an offshoring partner for your legal firm? Look no further


Zedtreeo is all equipped to be the one-stop solution provider for all your legal professional requirements. How?

Check how you would stand to benefit by associating with us at Zedtreeo right from the moment you decide to partner with us;


Our professional HR team will connect with you to clarify all your requirements
post which they will share resumes of qualified and skilled legal/paralegal
candidates with you, which would best match your requirement. With this, you
won’t need to get involved in the cumbersome hiring process and need to just
make the final candidate selection.


Once you interview the candidate and find him/her fit for the role, the Zedtreeo
team shall connect with you to get the formal contract executed. This contract
shall have all terms and conditions in place and shall be executed between you
and Zedtreeo.

Data Security

Zedtreeo shall get a Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement signed by
the employee before starting on your project to ensure that your data security
concerns are addressed right from the word go.


The candidate’s background and reference check is also handled by Zedtreeo
HR so that you may rest assured of the credibility of the employee you are
associating with and who would dedicatedly work on your project.


The employee’s onboarding, infrastructure, and hardware requirement and
administrative activities shall be taken care of by Zedtreeo’s HR and Admin
team so that you don’t have to worry about or get involved in any of these.


Zedtreeo’s HR and payroll team shall take care of the employee’s payroll and all
compliances involved. Another significant load off you as we manage your
employee and all his/her HR-related matters at our end, looping you only in
cases that may need your immediate attention.

Flexibility &

When your work picks up, all you need to do is get in touch with Zedtreeo HR,
and they shall help you scale up your team as per your requirement. Similarly,
in lean times, if you wish to scale down the team, you can do that as well. With
this option in place, you would have flexibility as an additional benefit in your


All of the above is in addition to the rich experience that our core team brings
to the table, which in turn would make your offshoring experience a cakewalk
for you.

To sum up, with Zedtreeo, you can have all of the below checked with no additional overheads at your end:

  • Seamless recruitment and employee selection process
  • Your extended HR and Admin team at Zedtreeo for addressing all employee, payroll, compliance, and infra requirements
  • A dedicated employee/team of employees to work on your project wherein you will need to manage them and not worry about any other logistic issues
  • Zero setup fee wherein you pay just the fixed monthly cost without any additional charges or expenses added so that you know what and how much you are paying for the monthly services
  • Scalability option for you to scale up the team as per your business growth.

Isn’t all of this exciting enough for you to get started with us?

Have queries? Reach out to our Sales team at +1 (725) 977-3776 or contact@zedtreeo.com or drop in your questions by visiting our website www.zedtreeo.com.