Rashmi Gaur


Driving organizational growth and success through innovative HR strategies.

Successfully spearheading diverse projects across international landscapes.

Orchestrating alignment between HR, finance, and operations for holistic business success.

A distinguished professional boasting over 25 years of rich experience in senior management roles within the human resources domain across diverse industries. Armed with an MBA and a robust portfolio of globally impactful projects, Rashmi brings a wealth of expertise to her role at Zedtreeo. In her capacity as the leader of the Human Resources team, she plays a strategic role not only in HR management but also in shaping the company’s financial and operational strategies.

With a keen eye for innovation and a deep understanding of organizational dynamics, Rashmi drives Zedtreeo’s HR function forward with precision and insight. Her strategic contributions extend beyond traditional HR boundaries, as she actively collaborates with cross-functional teams to align HR initiatives with overarching business objectives. Rashmi’s leadership ethos is grounded in fostering a culture of excellence, empowerment, and continuous improvement, ensuring that Zedtreeo remains at the forefront of the remote staffing industry.

Rashmi’s tenure at Zedtreeo is characterized by her unwavering commitment to driving organizational success through strategic HR interventions. By leveraging her extensive experience and global perspective, she navigates complex challenges with poise and determination, propelling Zedtreeo towards new heights of excellence. Under Rashmi’s leadership, Zedtreeo’s HR function continues to evolve, setting new benchmarks for innovation and effectiveness in remote staffing solutions.