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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Create, design, and maintain Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline in Jenkins, Gitlab, CircleCI, or AWS CodePipeline. A DevOps engineer can find ways to decrease the deployment time from hours to minutes! Do you need a deployment on the weekend? They can take care of this as well, as long as you schedule it in advance!

Automate and Script Repetitive Tasks

Bash and Python scripting automate your infrastructure, servers, containers, cronjobs, or any process that a DevOps engineer can codify.

Maintain and Deploy Infrastructure

 Hire DevOps developers from Zedtreeo that can bring new production environments with Terraform or Cloudformation. Also, because of their good knowledge in Infrastructure as Code (IaC), they can maintain and deploy infrastructure through IaC tools.

Security and Hardening

DevOps Engineers can also handle security incidents including hacks, security audits, hardening of servers, and user security controls such as AWS accounts, SSH keys, Linux/Unix privileges, permissions, SSL certs, encryption, and API key encryption (Amazon KMS, for example).

Troubleshoot any Linux instance

Is DNS a problem? Server? Networking? Are emails not working? Probably an AWS DevOps Engineer can help. After all, he is the Linux guru. As a Windows or .net-based app, he should be good at maintaining Windows servers with similar responsibilities.

Cloud Networks Tasks

DevOps know how to interconnect different VPC networks, troubleshoot networking issues, deploy VPN services, and create virtual networks.

Dockerize Open Source Applications

The DevOps engineer creates microservices architectures for your enterprise SaaS application. Our blog on how to dockerize a Python/Flask app may be helpful.

Kubernetes Clustering

A DevOps developer can create a Kubernetes Cluster in production with Amazon EKS, Azure KS, or Google KS. We have created an article about creating a Kubernetes cluster on AWS that can help your DevOps engineer.

Security Compliance

Are you a Fintech health-care, or do you care about application security following PCI, HIPAA, ISO27001, or SOC2 regulations? Great! They can help you with all the technical qualifications from security compliance, creating a VPN, hardening containers, adopting DevSecOps, Vuln assessments, patching vulnerabilities, and disaster recovery strategies.

Back-end Development

DevOps engineers can work with Python, boto3, and AWS SDK for back-end and AWS development.

Application Troubleshooting

They can troubleshoot your web application, either Java, Node.js, Python, Go, or Laravel. Sometimes this falls more on the side of the Software engineer, but the DevOps engineer should be capable of understanding if it is a code issue or a DevOps issue and channeling it to the right tech team.

Maintain and Administer Database

The DevOps engineer is not the DBA expert per-se (SQL query expert) but has proficient knowledge to troubleshoot, create and build database clusters. Ex. Mysql, RDS replicas, PostgreSQL, MongoDB sharding, etc.

It is important to remember that a DevOps developer might not cover all these tasks. Usually, 50-70% of the above functions are suitable for a good senior AWS DevOps Engineer.

Technologies & Frameworks Our Teams Skilled In

Zedtreeo outsourcing offers best-in-class and skilled devops developers. We help connect small to large businesses with a new generation of embedded systems and software that continuously provide intuitive insights and more efficient processes to help companies revolutionize their business and customer experience for higher productivity.


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ZedTreeo will provide you expertise, extensive recruitment resources and assessment tools that will help you land the perfect candidate in no time.We want to help you find the perfect candidate; turn to your trusted partner and let us know what you need. Preserve the value of your business and let us serve you well in hiring the right person for your opening.


We extensively interview all applicants and evaluate their skills, experience, and substantive knowledge and ensure they have the desired experience as per your need.

Reference Check

All Team Members are required to provide extensive references which we contact directly and verify positions, experience, job duties, as well as other relevant information.

Background Check

We have strict hiring guidelines prior to joining our team. We conduct background checks and other verification checks on all Team Members.


All Team Members are required to execute a contract prior to joining Zedtreeo. Our contracts are in place to protect client’s data and confidentiality.

What Our clients say


  1. Development and Operations, or DevOps, is a collaborative strategy that unites IT operations and software development teams in order to increase productivity and efficiency throughout the software delivery lifecycle.
  2. By fostering dialogue, cooperation, and integration throughout the whole software development process, DevOps aims to close the gap between development and operations teams.
  3. Automating tedious operations, streamlining processes, and ensuring consistency in software deployment are all key components of DevOps.
  4. Two crucial DevOps practises are Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI). Code updates are routinely integrated into a shared repository using CI, and automated tests are run to find problems early. The goal of CD is to deploy and deliver software to production environments automatically.
  5. In order to guarantee the dependability, security, and scalability of applications, DevOps promotes a culture of shared responsibility between development and operations teams.
  6. Organisations can gain quicker software delivery, better quality, shorter time to market, and higher customer satisfaction by implementing DevOps concepts.
  7. In DevOps, cooperation and communication are crucial. Cross-functional teams collaborate closely, dismantling silos and fostering openness, trust, and feedback loops.
  8. Infrastructure as code (IaC) and cloud computing are promoted by DevOps to promote resource scalability, flexibility, and quick provisioning.
  9. DevOps relies heavily on monitoring and logging to enable real-time visibility into application performance, spot bottlenecks, and expedite issue resolution.
  10. Iterative processes like DevOps encourage lifelong learning and development. It supports experimentation, criticism, and modification to address changing client and corporate requirements.











As a whole, DevOps emphasises automation, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and a shared responsibility culture in its approach to software development and operations. Organisations may provide software more quickly and effectively while upholding high standards by embracing DevOps

  1. Knowledge of and practical experience with DevOps techniques.
  2. Acceleration of DevOps principles’ application.
  3. Tailored answers to meet the particular needs of the organisation.
  4. Advice on managing change and changing culture.
  5. Put your attention on optimisation and ongoing improvement.
  6. Cost-effective through resource optimisation and process simplification.
  7. For long-term sustainability, knowledge transfer and training are necessary.
  1. Analyse the performance of the current team and pinpoint any problems.
  2. Establish the skill set that the new team should have.
  3. Search for competent people in great detail.
  4. Interview and evaluate the technical and interpersonal qualities of possible candidates.
  5. Introduce the new team to your organization’s procedures and onboard them.
  6. Facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the departing team to the arriving team.
  7. Inform the new staff of your expectations, objectives, and project specifications clearly
  1. Data protection: Zedtreeo adheres to stringent data protection standards to guarantee the privacy, accuracy, and accessibility of user and customer information.
  2. Access Control: Through user access management, role-based permissions, and authentication techniques, access to systems, networks, and sensitive data is strictly controlled.
  3. Encryption: To prevent data from unauthorised access while it is in transit and at rest, Zedtreeo uses encryption techniques.
  4. Security monitoring: Systems, networks, and applications are continuously observed to identify and address any security incidents or vulnerabilities as soon as they occur.
  5. Employee Education: To keep an environment secure, Zedtreeo regularly conducts security awareness training for its staff. This training informs them of best practises, rules, and procedures.
  6. Incident Response: To address and mitigate security events, Zedtreeo has a process in place that will ensure a minimal impact and prompt resolution.
  7. Data protection and privacy laws are complied with by Zedtreeo by adhering to relevant industry norms and rules.
  8. Security practises of third-party suppliers and partners are thoroughly analysed and monitored by Zedtreeo to guarantee the safety of shared data and systems.
  9. Regular Audits and Assessments: Zedtreeo performs periodic security audits and assessments to pinpoint weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and potential improvement areas before putting the appropriate controls and safeguards in place.
  1. Technical Skills: Look for applicants who have experience in areas including cloud platforms, configuration management, CI/CD pipelines, containerization, and infrastructure automation.
  2. Experience: It’s beneficial to have previous knowledge in putting DevOps practises into practise, using DevOps tools, and managing infrastructure as code. Consider hiring employees that have worked with cross-functional teams and have experience with agile development approaches.
  3. Problem-solving Abilities: Strong problem-solving abilities are necessary for DevOps developers to troubleshoot problems, improve processes, and find opportunities for improvement.
  4. Communication and Collaboration: To achieve seamless integration and alignment of DevOps practises, look for people who can cooperate and communicate effectively with team members, stakeholders, and other departments.
  5. Continuous Learning and Adaptability: DevOps is a constantly growing sector, so look for people who can show a willingness to pick up new skills, keep up with business trends, and adjust to shifting circumstances.
  6. Consider candidates who have the following certifications: AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, Docker Certified Associate, or Certified Kubernetes Administrator. These credentials demonstrate a particular degree of knowledge and commitment to the area.

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