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  • Hire web developers, Dot Net developers and mobile developers like you hire local developers
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reporting via email
  • Direct access of resource, dedicated & exclusive working for/with you
  • 176 man hours guaranteed (for a full-time developer)
  • Flexible office hours, depending on the time-zone.
  • Daily/weekly/monthly code delivery

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Zedtreeo outsourcing offers best-in-class and skilled developers. We help connect small to large businesses with a new generation of embedded systems and software that continuously provide intuitive insights and more efficient processes to help companies revolutionize their business and customer experience for higher productivity.


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Why Us?

Zedtreeo will seamlessly transition your team into an organized & aligned organization with one winning strategy while reducing costs and increasing productivity.Talk to us about how we can help you build a great team today!

Utilize the scalability of virtual Team Members to grow as your needs demand.

No admin or set up fees, just pay fixed monthly fees with no liability or commitment.

Hire Virtual Employee who directly & dedicatedly works with you and for you.

We Take care Of All These Overheads (So You don't have to)


Human Resources

Payroll & Taxes

Office Infrastructure

Labour Law & Compliances

Background Checks

Confidentiality Agreements

IT Infrastructure

Easy Recruitment!

ZedTreeo will provide you expertise, extensive recruitment resources and assessment tools that will help you land the perfect candidate in no time.We want to help you find the perfect candidate; turn to your trusted partner and let us know what you need. Preserve the value of your business and let us serve you well in hiring the right person for your opening.


We extensively interview all applicants and evaluate their skills, experience, and substantive knowledge and ensure they have the desired experience as per your need.

Reference Check

All Team Members are required to provide extensive references which we contact directly and verify positions, experience, job duties, as well as other relevant information.

Background Check

We have strict hiring guidelines prior to joining our team. We conduct background checks and other verification checks on all Team Members.


All Team Members are required to execute a contract prior to joining Zedtreeo. Our contracts are in place to protect client’s data and confidentiality.

What Our clients say


At Zedtreeo, we have a detailed process for putting together a team of dedicated developers who can meet the particular needs of our clients. How do we do it?


  • Find out what the project needs: We work closely with our clients to find out what their project needs, such as the technology, skills, and funds.
  • Make a job description: Based on the needs of the project, we make a job description that lists the skills, experience, and abilities the developers we want to hire need to have.
  • Source candidates: We use job boards, social media, and referrals, among other things, to find applicants.
  • Screen candidates: We look at candidates’ resumes and portfolios and do technical screenings to make sure they have the skills and knowledge we need.
  • Meet candidates: We meet candidates to find out how well they can communicate, how they work, and how well they fit into the culture.
  • Assemble the team: We put together a team of committed developers who can meet the needs of our clients and give them ongoing training and support.







At Zedtreeo, we hire expert developers who have a history of success and a strong desire to learn about new tools and trends. During the hiring process, we put a lot of value on communication, working together, and being honest. We also try to build long-term relationships with our clients.

When you hire committed programmers, it’s important to keep track of them well if you want your project to go well. Here are some ways to manage your specialised programmers:

  • Set clear expectations and goals: Set clear goals and standards for your dedicated programmers and make sure they know about them.
  • Set up a plan for contact: Set up regular check-ins and ways to talk so that everyone is on the same page and problems can be dealt with quickly.
  • Give feedback and praise: To keep your dedicated programmers inspired and interested, give them feedback and praise on a regular basis.
  • Ensure access to needed resources: Make sure that your dedicated programmers have access to the tools and hardware they need to do their jobs well.
  • Encourage collaboration: To create a supportive and productive work atmosphere, you should encourage your dedicated programmers to work together and as a team.

By using these tips, you can handle your dedicated programmers well and make sure your project is finished well.

  • Access to a larger skill pool
  • Compared to hiring full-time staff, it’s less expensive. You have more freedom to grow or shrink the team as required.
  • More control and ownership over the process and results of growth
  • Focus on core skills and lower the amount of work for in-house staff. Able to stay in constant contact with the team and work together. Expertise and specialised skills in a wide range of programming languages and technologies.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency in finishing projects on time. Customization and tailored development solutions for unique business needs.

You can choose between two main hiring models offered by Zedtreeo:

  • Dedicated Development Team: Clients have the option of hiring a group of knowledgeable experts to focus solely on their project. Pricing is based on a monthly fee, and the client manages the staff.
  • Project-based Development: On the basis of a set fee or an hourly rate, clients can also employ developers for a particular project. This model is appropriate for one-time or brief tasks, and clients can scale it up or down as necessary.

Clients have access to a pool of skilled developers in both models, who have expertise in a variety of technologies and programming languages. Throughout the development process, Zedtreeo guarantees top-notch work and offers ongoing assistance.

The following advice will help you pick the developer of your choice:

  • Look for someone who has knowledge of the necessary programming language or technology.
  • To make sure they have the necessary experience, look at their former work and portfolio or have some test.
  • To evaluate a company’s reputation and level of job quality, read client evaluations and testimonials.
  • Examine their capacity for understanding your project’s requirements and their communication skills.
  • Look for developers who can suggest changes and come up with original ideas.
  • Compare them to other possibilities and take into account their pricing and availability.
  • Plan a meeting with them or a trial period to evaluate their abilities and fit with your team.

You can select a developer who is knowledgeable, dependable, and a good fit for your project’s requirements by following these steps.

Yes, if you collaborate with a dedicated developer from Zedtreeo, they will just focus on your project and work for you. The developer will work as a member of your team and in accordance with your specifications and schedule. While they are employed by you, they won’t be given any more jobs or projects to complete for any other clients. By doing this, you can be sure that you have their undivided attention and can finish your project quickly and effectively.

It’s critical to do the following to efficiently monitor your project’s development:


  • Establish SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) goals and objectives.


  • In order to be sure that you are finishing the project on time, make a project plan including deadlines, milestones, and deliverables.


  • To track activities and monitor progress, use project management tools like Gantt charts, project management software, and task management tools.


  • Communicate often with stakeholders to notify them of your progress, give them regular updates, and pinpoint any problems or difficulties.


  • In order to address any areas where development is behind, it is important to track and analyse progress in relation to the project plan and goals. Celebrate progress made and victories along the road to maintain motivation.

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