Rising demand and benefits of hiring remote paralegals during COVID-19 Pandemic

Rising demand and benefits of hiring remote paralegals during COVID-19 Pandemic
Rising demand and benefits of hiring remote paralegals during COVID-19 Pandemic

Local Attorneys and legal recruiters communicate the need for paralegals to virtually triage, organize, manage cases, and know the ever-changing state and federal court e-filing and hearing requirements. For example, like New Jersey, several states face an urgency to expand electronic filing options in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Additionally, paralegals’ services can provide remotely, such as notary services, are continuing to grow. A few months back, Massachusetts joined more than 40 states that now allow remote notarization of documents. Legal offices and staffing agencies want paralegals to fill jobs remotely or live, full-time, part-time, by contract for one day or one assignment. Remote IT paralegal skills are currently in high demand to address data security needs and the increased burdens of electronic case management and e-discovery.

Law firms and Attorneys look to paralegals to be quick to deliver solutions precisely and proficiently. In contrast, attorneys focus on critical and complex legal issues. A shift has already been observed in the types of litigation being filed in light of the current extreme economic, medical, and financial pressures of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Remote Paralegals are being called on to meet this need in a variety of ways.

On the horizon, remote paralegal positions are expected to emerge in various areas, including bankruptcy, mortgage foreclosure, business failures, contract, medical compliance issues, unemployment claims, family law matters, housing, and eviction debtor-creditor cases, and criminal, civil and social justice issues.

You can also refer to this article from Forbes on “How to hire the best remote paralegal for your company.” It can significantly help a legal department or any law firm keep in mind while hiring remote paralegals.

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