Paralegals Professionals For Hire

We provide Paralegal Specialists with the desired legal industry experience, possess strong work ethics, exceptional problem-solving skills, and are comfortable working in a fast-paced environment. They have experience in dealing with pleadings and motion drafting, legal research, assistance with due diligence matters, and support of legal members

Legal Drafting

  • We provide virtual or remote paralegal assistants, who are knowledgeable, and highly experienced in document drafting in your law areas.
  • Our experienced paralegals have answers to all your legal inquiries.
  • They are highly adaptable to your chosen legal research platform, whether you use Lexis Nexis or Thomas Reuters.

Client Management

  • Our paralegal staffs are adaptable to different client management systems, whether you use CLIO, best case, or any other platform.
  • Our Zedtreeo paralegal staff can easily integrate with your system.
  • Our paralegal experts provide you the flexibility and ease of mobility.
  • Our Zedtreeo staff will be available for you any hour of the day, thereby allowing you to focus on your business.

Dedicated to you

  • Choose & Collaborate with an experienced paralegal as an extension of your firm.
  • They can also connect with your clients, counsel, and other agencies on your behalf.
  • As an attorney and law firm owner, as you struggle to meet every demand of your business, you may pass on your duties and delegate them to our paralegals.
  • Our Paralegals can help catapult your practice to the next level with minimal management and supervision.

What Paralegals do

  • Prepare affidavits, legal correspondence, and other documents for attorneys.
  • Organize and maintain records can be paper or electronic filing system.
  • Communicate with clients, attorneys, and other professionals about case details.
  • File pleadings with the court clerk.
  • Help prepare for trial by organizing exhibits and assisting with other tasks as needed.
  • Book accommodation for clients and members of the legal team, as required.
  • Prepare briefs, wills, contracts, real estate closing statements, pleadings, appeals, and other legal documents.
  • Investigate facts and laws of cases and searching public records and other resources to prepare cases and determine causes of action.
  • Direct and coordinate law office activity, including the delivery of subpoenas.
  • Gather and analyze statutes, decisions, and legal articles, codes, documents, and other data.
  • Complete, submit and store all pertinent legal documentation under the guidance of the designated Attorney.
  • Dispose off irrelevant and outdated paperwork in a safe manner.
  • E-Discovery and Document review
  • Legal coding, Title search, Legal data entry
  • Deposition summary, Medical summary
  • Legal Billing, Contract abstraction or extraction
  • Conduct legal research during every phase of the case.

Recruitment Made Easy!


We extensively interview all applicants and evaluate their skills, experience, and substantive knowledge and ensure they have the desired experience as per your need.

Reference Check

All Team Members are required to provide extensive references
which we contact directly and verify positions, legal experience, job duties, as well as other relevant information.

Background Check

We have strict hiring guidelines prior to joining our team. We conduct background checks on all Team Members.


All Team Members are required to execute a contract prior to joining Zedtreeo. Our contracts are in place to protect client’s data and confidentiality.

Why Us?

Business Growth

Utilize the scalability of virtual Team Members to grow as your needs demand.

Zero Setup Fee

No admin or set up fees, just pay fixed monthly fees with no liability or commitment.

Dedicated Staff

Hire skilled legal staff who directly & dedicatedly works with you and for you.


Human Resources
Payroll Taxes
Infrastructure & IT
Labour Law Compliances
Background Checks
Confidentiality Agreements

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Note: We assist attorneys, Law firms, Legal departments, business owners with full or part time dedicated legal staff.


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