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Client Data Protection & Privacy

Data privacy is more important today than ever before; the COVID-19 crisis has made data privacy issues even more salient. Zedtreeo remains committed to the protection of our client’s data. The protection of client data is a critical part of our responsibility to protect client assets.
Zedtreeo has procedures to help ensure the confidentiality of client records and information related to paralegal services, legal assistants & attorneys. Data security is a sophisticated process, from access controls and encryption to monitoring systems and defined governance.

Zedtreeo’s data protection controls include:​

  • Access controls on systems that contain client information to authenticate and permit access only to authorized individuals
  • Segregation of duties and employee background checks. All employees at Zedtreeo undertake an extensive background check and verification, both pre-employment as well as post-employment.
  • Monitoring systems and procedures to detect actual and attempted intrusions into systems containing client information
  • Response programs that specify actions to be taken for any identified instance of actual or potential unauthorized access to client information systems
  • Secure Remote Access

At Zedtreeo, employees ought to sign a non-disclosure agreement and are given distinct user accounts and passwords for logging onto their systems. The passwords are changed from time to time if a client wants to get their own NDA signed with Zedtreeo & any concerned staff that can be arranged as well.

Our Team Makes the Difference:​

Our management group includes people with backgrounds in Intellectual Property, Cybercrime, Law enforcement. They are certified in information protection areas such as Certified Ethical Hackers and Certified Information Security Professionals. Every employee has ongoing training in risk awareness.

Zedtreeo understands the significance of protecting client information and has the people, systems, and processes in place to help ensure the security and confidentiality of client records and information.

Lastly, Zedtreeo’s legal team, which comprises several highly accomplished lawyers from various domains, has made sure that our legal measures are salient and stringent.

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